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Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Female Escort

You know that when an opportunity arises, you have to grab it until it is not too late. What would you do if you would have the chance to win a lot of money by doing something that you actually like? Numerous men are willing to pay for your time and companionship, so by joining our team you will get to benefit of numerous advantages.

Escorting jobs are not quite easy, because the clientele who requests escort services expect the highest quality of service, at the very best standards. The Female Escorts in Chicago, IL, have to be simply awesome, with a wonderful appearance, well-educated, friendly, polite and seductive as well. These ladies have to enjoy socializing and travelling, they should be open-minded and leaded by their love for adventure.

Ladies who embrace a model career and who look glamorous from head to toe have a great advantage on their side. But the character and personality are just as important as the appearance. We are looking forward to collaborate with the most attractive, ravishing and seductive ladies from all over the world.

We have opened our first office in Doha, Qatar, but we are looking to expand and we currently hire escorts in:


New York


Los Angeles

San Diego

San Francisco

Orange County


San Jose




Whether you live or not in these cities, you can apply for an Escort Job by sending us an email or simply giving us a call. One of our representatives will soon give you the answer and you will be able to start collaborating with us in short time.

Gain the independence and freedom that you have always wanted to have! The great things about being a Female Escort are that you will get to travel all over the world, you will meet exquisite gentlemen who are craving to meet you and pamper you and you will also have enough free time for yourself, to do everything that you want!

If there is anything that you may want to know or if there is something that concerns you, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will provide you all the information that you require. Here are the most frequent questions about becoming a High Class Female Escort and their answers as well.

  1. — How often do I have to work as a female escort?
  • It depends on your aspirations, schedule and profile. You can do this part time, once or twice per month, but you can also do this on a regular basis, and you will still have enough time for yourself or even for another job.
  1. — How will I receive the payment?
  • You will be paid up front with cash by your client right at the beginning of your meeting. He will pay you for your time and companionship.
  1. — Are Escorting Jobs safe?
  • Besides the fact that this job is very safe and secure, it also involves discretion and privacy. There is nothing to be concerned about.
  1. — You much money will I get to earn?
  • The representative of our escort agency will offer you the answer to this question.
  1. — is it a minimum booking time on a meeting?
  • Well, the more you work, the more you will get to earn. But you will have a minimum booking time on an escort date.

For any other questions or details, please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your requirements. Become a Female Escort and enjoy the benefits of this job!





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