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More girls want escorting jobs

Is it because of the money? Is it because of the travelling, or of all the perks you have as an escort, that all these girls want escorting jobs?

My guess is it’s because of all of the above. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a selective job that pays really well, and allows you to travel a lot? Not to mention the weekly perks like spas, and hair dressers’ appointments, and nice dresses, all on the house.  Having an escorting job is, although, kind of risky, if you’re not working with the right agency. Professional agencies are usually checking all of their clients.

However there are still some of those agencies that don’t care enough, in order to check the backgrounds of their clients, and some model may end up offended or even worse, physically hurt, exactly because those agencies don’t understand the importance of safety in a job like this. Although being in escort has nothing to do with physical contact, some models are willing to accept clients’ will, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. I believe this to be a reason for which more girls want escorting jobs; they are there simply for company, a client can talk to them, take them to official dinner and also on vacations.

The idea that there are men willing to pay for company reduces, in a way,  the prejudice connected to this job, but there still are people who think these escorting jobs are shameful and inappropriate. The decision, however, is the girls’. They need to understand the risks, they need to search for the better escorting agency, and they may even become rich in an instant.

I little piece of advice: find the agency that offers protection for its models, because you don’t have to risks when it comes to strangers. Professional agencies always check the background of a client, in order to see if he has any issues, either with other models or agencies.  Find the agency you want to work with, and go make some money.

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